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Economic Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in. the determinants of foreign direct investment in Pakistan. in its investment policy to.Further they have no time restrictions, as time limit is usually employed in pursuit of core and middle range objectives.They therefore consider Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) a useless tactic unless there is a real progress on the count of issues resolution. 2. Size and Geography The geopolitical location of a state is one of the external determinants on its foreign policy.Nigeria is no exception as the following discussion will demonstrate.Long Range Objectives A state while pursuing such type of objectives seeks to gain almost at the expense of all other states.It has no time to delay or postpone the fulfilling of these objectives.

All our alliances should be subjected to this keystone criterion.DETERMINANTS OF FOREIGN POLICY Those factors that influence and determine the foreign policy of a country are its determinants.

This led to disastrous consequents for Germany and the Global system generally speaking.And the countries of the Western Europe together with the US and Canada entered into an alliance known as North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).Pakistan sees the situation through its fear-psychosis originating of its distrust of India.Because Foreign Policy Analysis involves the study of both international and domestic politics, the academic discipline is located at the intersection of international relations theory and public policy.

The enormous population of China enabled it to pursue a forceful foreign policy.It is believed by the Complex Interdependence theorists that in the present age of interdependence, it is highly improbable that the two countries would go to war.A good diplomat must have a clear concept and perception of the national goals and the will of their attainment.Conclusion It is clear from the above discussion that foreign policy of a country is determined by a number of factors.The West has successfully launched this type of expansion at the expense of Afro-Asian and the Third World countries.

One of the middle range objectives of the foreign policy of a state is to expand, diversify and strengthen its economic relations with the external world.The objectives sought to be attained by a state are of different types and categories, yet there are certain objectives which are uniformly pursued by all states i.e. Political independence and territorial integrity, economic well being and, prestige and status of a nation.

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Determinants of Ukrainian Foreign Policy: Foreign Policy-Making Since Independence Christopher Dunnett Advisors: Dr.Blonigen and Jeremy Piger NBER Working Paper No. 16704 January 2011 JEL No.POLICY RESEARCH WORKING PAPER 1531 Some New Evidence An export orientation is the on Determinants of Foreign strongest variable explaining whyacountryattracts foreign.Political independence means that the state is able to play its prestigious role in the international arena at its own will, and if a state is able to do this then it is politically independent.It is that branch of political science, which deals with the study of and research into the processes and theories of foreign policy.

It has been contended by some of the theorists that the development of modern means of communication and the invention of sophisticated weaponry have rendered the importance of geographical factor obsolete.Realizing the importance of this factor in adding to the strength and prestige of a country even the underdeveloped and agricultural countries are keen to get industrialized as quickly as possible.Geographical location has exercised a great impact on the foreign policy of Britain.Preview THE DETERMINANT OF FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT IN NIGERIA includes abstract and chapter one, complete project material available.Each country possesses an individuality of its own, which is the outcome of its historical and geographical configuration.

Expansion whether territorial or ideological falls within the purview of middle range objective.However, due to sample selection and research methodology, there continues to be mixed and inconclusive.It is highly skeptical of increased Indian presence on Afghan soil, particularly the establishment of Indian consulates so close to Pakistan-Afghanistan border.However, size alone is not an independent determinant of foreign policy.

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Usually sanctions are imposed which in some cases become very effective provided the international community imposes them sincerely. 3) Reaction of other states Likewise the system of states is fast transforming into a society of states state where each and every individual states has regard for the rights of other states.

It matters whether the country has natural frontiers: that is whether it is protected by oceans, high mountains, or deserts.During the bipolar world system, however, the ideological fault lines were more clearly marked, and it was not easy for states to switch sides frequently.Moreover, a state while implementing its foreign policy cannot afford to ignore the rules of International law and canons of international morality.


Pakistan and India are bargaining with Iran for the Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI) gas pipeline and with Turkmenistan for the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline project.

What is of greater concern is the ideological expansion i.e. expansion through the propagation of ideas, ideologies, systems, cultures and values.

Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment

The states try to impress about their military superiority in a number of ways, such as nuclear tests, mobilization of army, periodical display of military forces, devices and techniques.Foreign policy aims at achieving economic prosperity, as only an economically prosperous nation is to play more assertive role in international politics.Constitutional democracies (presidential systems and parliamentary.For example, a state may need to respond to an international crisis.

Foreign Policy Analysis also draws upon the study of diplomacy, war, intergovernmental organisations, and economic sanctions, each of which are means by which a state may implement foreign policy.But a few years later in the wake of the dismemberment of Pakistan, it was none other than Bhutto himself who excelled in diplomatic skills at Simla. 10. Political Organization Political organizations and institutions of the country also determine the foreign policy of country.The attitude of the super powers during the cold war, towards the region of the Middle East in particular, was to a large extent, dictated by their desire to control the oil.Short Range Objectives They are called Core Objectives as well, because these objectives are attained at all costs.

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The creation of United Nations has also left a mark on the foreign policies of different countries.It is thus necessary for every country to formulate a sound.

A naturally gifted state devoid of effective infrastructure is almost as poor and backward as any resourceless state can be.However, even a powerful state cannot afford to enjoy a solo flight in this regard.Geographical factors exercise a permanent and paramount influence on the foreign policy of a country.Plus he should be skillful enough to use the tools of statecraft for the realization of the national objectives.Title: Internal and External Determinants of Foreign Policy: West Germany and Great Britain during the Two-Track Missile Controversy Created Date.Courtesy this influence, the West and to some extent India has increased its soft power.It was the Long Range Objective of Communist Russia, because by doing so they did not set any time limit for the realization of these objectives.