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Researchers working with animals carry out their experiments with extreme care to eliminate or minimise suffering.While a sane person will always speak against such animal cruelty, those who have commercial interests in the same find it easier to turn a blind eye towards it.It is very difficult to compile accurate data and thus, one has no option but to depend on estimates when doing a study on this topic.Should animals be used for research essay. they only focus on important issues is kept because it should find the use of. animals should be noted that.While animal rights activists condemn such practices, those involved in it directly are of the opinion that testing on animals is anytime better than causing harm to humans.

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It is a tropical fish from the minnow family with a genetic structure surprisingly similar to ours.In the end, it entirely depends on you whether you are a sane, responsible human being, or an individual with a blindfold of vested commercial interests.

Antibiotics, insulin, vaccines, organ transplantation and HIV treatment have all been developed with the help of experiments involving animals.

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If fact, they also come up with illogical counter-arguments to debunk the arguments against this practice.In the past century, most inhabitants of this planet have experienced an.Similarly, most of these animals are bred specifically for this practice.They are crucial for allowing scientists to learn more about human biology and health, and for developing new medicines.Introduction: Using animals for research prepuces is a debatable subject.

Persuasive Essay Writer. should animals be used for research essay. online homework planner. outline on a persuasive speech. writing dom. essay on student.There are lots of examples of testing these or that phenomena on animals.But the most unpleasant thing is that not all of animals which are used for researches are protected by the animal welfare act.

The use of animals in scientific research has long been the subject of heated debate.Animal testing has played a vital role in virtually every major medical advance.The reason that some medicines do not make it to market is that despite passing tests in animals they then fail in humans.

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Do Now. When should animals be used for research or industry testing, if ever.But what are the benefits from using animals for scientific researches.These are: R eplace: Replacing, where possible, experiments using animals with alternative techniques such as cell culture, computer modelling or human volunteers instead of animals.

As far as an answer to this intricate question is concerned, the inhumane treatment of animals in this practice is one of the most prominent reasons for which the activists want it to be outlawed.

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The other side of the problem concerns the animals which people consumes every day when they have a meal.

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Today the medical drug is used in order to save the lives of diabetics.All the Animal Testing Pros and Cons That You Never Knew About.In which many have taken different sides of that matter, between those who are in favor and those who are against.Of course, there are vegetarians, who do not eat meat al all, but still the majority of people of Earth do eat.These people also argue that the practice is unnecessary, now that several alternatives to it are readily available.If there are no better alternatives, animals should be used for research Animal testing is not always ideal,.

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Supporting details- Second sub-idea Using animals for research have a crucial part in medical research paper As stated by Animal testing and medicine journal In the the twentieth century animal testing have became essential when a company in the united state invented Sulfanilamide.The reaction of animals on different phenomenon can differ from that of a human one.Statistics That Alarm You About All the Aspects of Animal Testing.On the other hand, after animal testing, a woman can be sure that the cosmetic is worth buying, as it safe for her skin and health.

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When animals are used for testing, we inflict sever pain on them.

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If the product is found to be harmful at any stage of testing, its use is stopped at that very stage.On the one hand it is considered morally wrong to use animals in this way solely for human benefit.Humans and mice share many common genetic features and by examining the physiology, anatomy and metabolism of a mouse, scientists can gain a valuable insight into how humans function.Animals, from the fruit fly to the mouse, are widely used in scientific research.The zebrafish ( Danio rerio ) has become a popular model organism only relatively recently.The end result: more than a hundred million animals are killed every year.Animal testing is one of the main start points for the invention of penicillin.