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Jon Krakauer stated many stories of guys that left everything they had and went out into the wild to live off of nature.Gene probably took his own life pg. 75 2. He focused too much on hard work. 3. He was older than Chris when he went out pg. 75 4. Gene was prepared when he went out on his journey 5.John Waterman was like Chris. work Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer,.The story of another person that stood out the most was the story about John Mallon Waterman.Waterman was very prepared for his journeys and survived all his.

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After graduation, he cuts all connections he has to the monotonous everyday actions of his old life and starts a new journey.

Though for some he seemed naive, ignorant, stupid, Chris was truly on a journey that no common man could grasp without first looking at what guided him.Krakauer offers biographical portraits of three men, Gene Rosellini, the mountain climber John Mallon Waterman, and the photographer Carl McCunn as a means of.After receiving and fully utilizing a four-year education at Emory University in Georgia, he decided to leave society behind and venture off into the wild with only the things he deemed truly necessary.They both loved nature and tried to live in it. 3. They also died in nature 4.

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He easily overlooked the flaws that an individual writer may have struggled with, truly trying to grasp the writing itself.

Chapter Questions - Into the Wild. the story of John Waterman.Roselinni, John Mallon Waterman, Carl McCunn, Everett Ruess, and the Irish monks known as papar.

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Chris McCandless went into the wild in April of 1992 leaving all his possessions behind, giving his money away to.

What did Christopher McCandless, Roman Dial, and John Mallon Waterman have in common.Coming from a wealthy, upper-middleclass family, he learned to utterly despise the materialistic views of his family which he believed strongly reflected the American culture.He was motivated to include this story because it showed the Alaskans that Waterman was the.Annotation Targets: Into the Wild Annotation Guide While reading,.Study online flashcards and notes for Into the Wild including.

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In Into The Wild, the author Jon Krakauer includes stories of others for more than a comparison.Gene lived in a community and had contact with people. 5.) Rosallini committed a straight-forward suicide, by stabbing himself.Alexander(Chris) donated all of his money to Oxfam International and set a goal for himself: to travel to Alaska and to love off of the wilderness.In the story Into the Wild, Krakauer includes stories of others and himself to make Chris McCandless not look crazy, but admirable.Gene Rosellini, John Waterman, and Carl McCunn, aka the Three Wierdos Chapter Nine.He looked towards philosophy when he was unsure of himself, and one can easily draw out the lessons he learned from brilliant minds of the past.He wanted to take a woman with him. 5.) Carl had more unrealistic expectations that someone would eventually save him.Foil How he sheds light on McCandless Gene Rosellini John Mallon Waterman.

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After graduating from high school Chris goes on a trip to California where he visits with all friends and finds out that his father had another family before his sister and he were born.

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Chris preferred to live by himself. 5. Gene went to Alaska to perform experiments while Chris went there because he just felt like it. Chris vs. Waterman Similar: 1.

Detailed Descriptions and Analysis of Into the Wild by John Krakauer. Another adventurer Krakauer considers is John Mallon Waterman. Notes. In this section.John Waterman,. 2 days before hitching a ride from Jim Gallien into what he thought was the wild.