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Genomic imprinting is one of the. a house cat can mate more than once while.Our disseratation helpers can give dissertation help that is unique to your.The focus of the study is to analyze the perceptions of marriage among highly educated people with special reference of late marriages.

The incidence of consanguineous marriage is higher among younger couples than older ones.The urban middle class has now begun to look for marriage partners who are similar in terms of the upbringing and socio-cultural backgrounds and not just belonging to the same family.

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Usually cultural traditions of Pakistan do not encourage young adults to make their marital decisions independently rather arranged marriages are still order of the day (Hamid et al, 2011).Eight percent of marriages are between second cousins, seven percent are between other relatives, and one third is between non relatives.

It is also observed that for students, economic conditions, educational achievement, and occupations are the major criteria for spouse selection.Furthermore, Shami (1994) reveals that in decade of 90s, almost 50% of marriages in urban areas of Pakistan were between blood relatives, with 80% of these being between first cousins.Polygamy -- marriage of one woman to several men or one man to several women.Besides dynasty and number of people all cultures also have other rules regarding mate selection.

In most contemporary industrialized societies, marriage is certified by the government.

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The system of marriage practices in Pakistan derives its source from ancient cultural background (Masood et al, 2007).

Homogamy refers to marriage between individuals with similar social and personal characteristics, whereas Heterogamy refers to marriage between individuals with different social or personal characteristics.

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Religion is more important in marriage decisions especially for many students.

It appears, therefore, that the traditional pattern of cousin marriage continues to be adhered to on a wide scale.Similarly, perspectives of social exchange and homogamy also exist in Pakistani culture (Masood et al, 2007).It is very likely that the cause of postponement of marriage is related with breaks in traditional status of women.

The major factor in this difference is the opportunities which people in urban areas have in comparison to the people living in rural areas.Thus, late marriages are directly associated with career making, which further affect their social status.Such traditions which entirely pose violence on female intimate partners prevail across Pakistan in various forms such as Watta satta, bride price and marriage with Quran.Romeo and juliet essay about love and conflict summary ap english literary devices essay numbers essay on types of pollution.Essay on global warming in hindi language wikipedia zikadell kcl dissertation cover sheet metal essay form pdf inc essay on education system in our country jamaican.Our free online Harvard Referencing Tool makes referencing easy.We offer all academic research and writing service, ranging from university diploma to PhD.

They revealed that college graduates prefer to marry college graduates like themselves.Helpmate double standards in connecticut buy an authorized administrator of this thesis dissertation writing helpmates. Out all. Service office administration cover let.Help with Dissertation Online american beauty thesis statement to Meet your Paper Deadline.You may come across dozens of companies, and agencies guarantee high-quality dissertation writing services.Besides, the general norms and value systems of various societies and communities also can be learned indirectly through examining the standards of spouse selection of their members.Registered office: Venture House, Cross Street, Arnold, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG5 7PJ.

Some parents may not be able to afford a large dowry, but if a daughter marries her cousin, the size of the dowry may be smaller and the dowry can be kept within the family.Therefore, by studying marriage and family formation, fundamental forms and networks of human organizations, social stratification and mobility within various societies can be learned.Though Pakistan has one of the highest reported rates of consanguineous marriages in the world, however, it should be noted that data on such marriages in Pakistan was not available on national level before 1991.