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I mean, are we really supposed to believe that all Indian immigrants settle in Boston, MA and get PhDs in sciences and work exclusively at Harvard and MIT save for the rare doctor.She followed up in 2003 with her first novel, The Namesake, and returned to short stories with the No. 1 New York Times best-seller Unaccustomed Earth.

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Each story is its own entity yet is tied to the others, at the deepest level, by shared themes.

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This was the book that convinced me that the Pulitzer judges do a far better job than do the Booker.

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Unaccustomed Earth was my first Lahiri, and I have to say, it really bugged me.

In 2003, Lahiri followed up with The Namesake, a novel that followed the lives, perspectives and changing family ties of the Gangulis, an Indian couple in an arranged marriage who relocate to America.

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Writers can take a leaf out of this and consider including simplicity in their writing.I have also read The Namesake and while I do feel her stories are beautifully written there is a distance in them all that keeps me from absolutely loving the books and the characters within. for that reason her books are never on the list for me to run right out and read.

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The death of one sibling causes reverberations through the ensuing years.In this case, the readers understand the emotions that the expectant father undergoes.

That steely-eyed stiffness in her first book-jacket photo has given way to a gentler, more relaxed wariness.She is the proud recipient of many awards, including the TransAtlantic Award from the Henfield Foundation (1993), the O.Jhumpa Lahiri is an author who creates characters that evoke a form of powerful pathos from the reader.

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I love to unwind with a book curled up on a sofa or by gazing at the stars by the sea shore.By Noon, These Two Will Have Brought In Another Half a Million More Dollars.

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I found myself spreading them out, reading one a day so as to allow each story to sink in.There is a young man beginning a life for himself in Boston and an American woman having an affair with an Indian man.

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