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Organize a backpack and school supply drive to help needy kids in your area.The youth group can gain experience in seeking donations by asking local businesses to supply the cleaning, painting, and repair supplies needed for the job.Other people that are often overlooked would be: trash collectors, case workers for child protective services or welfare, employees of a store (can you think of the last time someone stopped by Target and gave the workers a gift).Then why not ask other families in your neighborhood, church, school, or play group to get involved.

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I hope to evolve it to others areas of need in our community.We at Excellerate believe very strongly in the power of serving the community to grow the church.Post the project on the Starbucks Community Service website and invite fellow partners and customers to join your effort.Sign up for YouTube Red by July 4th for uninterrupted music and videos all summer.Just be warned that some donated items will be ready for the trash heap when they arrive, so plan in advance how to politely decline or dispose of those items.Most are trivial, but, over time, they wear teachers down and make them feel unappreciated.

Community Service Projects from Home. leaving home for extended periods of time to help with a community service project is often not practical.There are plenty of opportunities for service groups,. painting, repairs, etc.Check with your local senior citizens center or place of worship for a list of people in need.Establish a Family Giving Box and make it a habit to donate regularly.

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Check with your local social services organizations or place of worship for a list of kids in need.Organize a Christmas gift drive to provide needy families with gifts on Christmas day.Atlanta chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. is a community service organization that is dedicated to the improvement of children everywhere.Young Volunteers: The Benefits of Community. group assignment.

Inspiring life-changing community in your church by providing everything small.Webb holds a Bachelor of Arts in journalism with a minor in business from San Jose State University.Another great source for filling these classes is local businesses.Also, remember to contact local stores and ask if they have any donations.

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This is a great way to serve because even the smallest gesture seems huge to the recipient.

The idea is that you collect new and gently used clothes, or really anything else you want to include, from your church members and from donations from the community.

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Each year at Alliance we bring in one international and two local Community Service organizations.

The group can then adopt several elderly residents and offer to fill their yardwork needs once a week for a year.Related Articles 1 Church Youth Ministry Ideas 2 Small Group Activity Ideas for Church 3 The Best Community Service Projects 4 Activities and Games for a Singles Ministry Youth group community service projects help group members build their college resumes while providing a valuable service to someone in need.

Family dinners are a great place to have casual conversations about giving to others in need and to plan the next family volunteer event.The youth group gets people to sponsor them for each hour of community service.In an effort to make this easier for families, we offer a number of resources to help families continue to foster the giving spirit within the home and provide opportunities to give back to others.