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To control the burner an electronic ignition valve was used along with an interlock unit which ensured the powered draft inducer was running prior to the ignition of the burner.TMencer Construction Company approached us with this opportunity along with other custom shops in the region.

Integrating contemporary appliances into a space designed for the 1960s without distracting from the period style of the space required extremely precise fits on the surrounding cabinets.It also allows us to put a prototype in your hands in just days, instead of the several weeks or more that offshore prototyping often requires.

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From a quantity of one to several hundred we can provide any type of case to protect and ship your.The gas feed for the burner will typically come up through the base of the pan to the burner.He wanted to create a privacy barrier between his main floor and the master suite above but his narrow stairwell did not have enough clearance for a traditional door to function.

Custom seals are individually designed and optimized for each.They needed a carrier for the bladder that appropriately Read More.

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We matched the reverse ogee interior detail and the exterior stucco mould exactly.At Tetrafab, we design and manufacture custom cases that serve to protect, enhance, and transport unique products.Custom cases are engineered to meet your exact specifications.

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No real accommodation was originally designed into the unit to have a gas burner.

Specialty materials requirements including anti-flammability and anti-microbial.You would be hard pressed to identify at a glance which window was added to the home and which were original.ZARGES works with you to provide custom aluminum cases to meet your packaging challenges.We use case studies to highlight the work we are doing in Corporate Social Responsibility.The design for this kitchen also called for three unusually long floating shelves, which, at nearly five feet per shelf, presented a challenge.For the custom face frames, we created a complete overlay which achieved the intended look.Pelican custom cases are engineered to protect your equipment.

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Whatever shape, whatever size, whatever unique features you need, we can do it all.The unusual species of the wood in the existing architect-designed cabinets required a careful exact match of wood and hardware in order to blend the new elements seamlessly with the old.Precise measurements and good communication with the contractor during the design of new cabinets ensured a seamless installation.The collaboration between KMBR on the architectural design, Vancouver Gas Fireplaces on the technical design, and Wales Mclelland, the contractor, resulted in an unique installation providing a strong focal point for the College Of the Rockies.This may look like a humble little double hung but what appears to be straightforward actually involved a lot of attention to detail, careful coordination and amazing craftsmanship.

Manufacturing custom cases for products as well as equipment ranging from medical devices and musical instruments to electronic devices is not a problem for us.For most students and people who are given the task to write case study, often find it difficult and case study writing is indeed a.A case study is one of several ways of doing research of a subject under certain conditions or circumstances.The main entrance is meant to highlight that theme with solid CVG Douglas fir transom, sidelites, and doors with a clear finished interior and exterior.

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Several framing options had to be explored to find a solution that would fit the doors and glass as designed while adjusting for the variances in the existing opening.Writing a case study requires different set of research skills than writing an essay.

The first step in solving the problem was to communicate with designers working on the project.The perfect choice when weight, strength and style are the most important factors.The burner will have holes drilled into the bottom of it, sized to allow a measured amount of gas to be released into the pan.

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To address the tabletops potentially warping, we added a dovetail key underneath to tie the planks together.