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Constitution: The Congressional Term Limit Debate and a Constitutional Definition of.Representatives from union heavy districts for example will know the union staff, and they might be friends.Actually, limiting the amount of money in politics would probably serve better in maximizing the time available for lawmaking.By Edward H. Crane. Within Congress, the majority of term limit supporters favor six terms, although most of the freshmen class,.The pros for congressional term limits stems from the view that the longer someone is around power, the more likely it is to corrupt them.

I think on a local and larger scale there needs to be a massive overhaul of how money is scrutinized and what the rules are.Create a pros and cons chart on your own paper and record the. which limits the term of the President. this Net Investigation on Term Limits. Your.Finally, irrespective of outside influence, I think that being a legislator is hard, really hard.

Former Representatives Martin Frost (D-TX) and Tom Davis (R-VA) talked about the possibility of term limits for Congress, including pros and cons of implementing them.

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The Cons of Congressional Term Limits. 1. When someone spends a long period of time at a job, they tend to become far more skilled than they were when they began.The Cons of Congressional Term Limits. 1. It stops good people from continuing to serve.

Term Limits for Congress Pros and Cons List. The 4th of July 2016.Term limits do not yet exist for members of Congress.Congressional Term Limits. limits for Congress, including pros and cons.No, you want them dictating the concept of the law and the intelligence behind it, but not the written language.Demeaning language, sarcasm, rudeness or hostility towards another user will get your comment removed.Bare statements of opinion, off-topic comments, memes, and one-line replies will be removed.See what the pros and cons. at the pros and cons of term limits for Congress. Q:.

Money, at least, can be tracked with reasonable amounts of bureaucracy.Alcoholism and Verbal Abuse Hyponatremia and Alcoholism Alcoholism Body Odor Aversion Therapy for Alcoholism Enlarged Red Blood Cells Alcoholism.Term limits were set in place to ensure that one person cannot rule over the nation for.Not to mention, each of these will be on a rolling basis, so senators will cap out on different years and house reps can lose election at any time.A government body works best when people are allowed to infuse new ideas and come up with plans that exist outside of the box.

However this is the same argument against regulating money in politics.Many have sufficiently addressed the pros and cons of that decision,.Any legislator can request a bill be written for them that does certain things.

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No - in fact we welcome and encourage any viewpoint to engage in discussion.Lawmakers will be more open to lobbyists who also donated to their campaign or party.

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Voters in eight of these states approved the congressional term limits by an average.Of course the argument against restrictions on lobbyists is that it shifts lobbying underground.

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Chief among the arguments for a two-term limit for presidents is the idea that a.

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I found this article from the Washington Post ( ) that presents their own views.If senators have 2 term limits and house members have 6 term limits, they both cap out at 12 years.

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It is a space to discuss policy and the tone of political debate.Lobbying groups propped up a number of candidates running solely because there were specific bills and laws that they wanted passed.The common sense of term limits. that we will support a constitutional amendment for term limits on members of Congress.

Best Answer: Pro: Professional Congressmen that know how the system works Con: Professional Congressmen that know how the system works.

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There should be term limits and congress should not be paid beyond their term limit. 3 years ago from a Libertarian in Roseville, MI. Limit.I think this could probably be avoided if the limit was a reasonable length.We do not allow polls, surveys or requests for fact checking.Relying more on staff though creates its own issue of having a seperate political class.You can forbid media corporations for example from taking undocumented political money.I meant to aks whether it was belived that setting the terms to four years would make it easier to get things done.You could regulate registered lobbyists, but that would likely just mean that lobby firms would have a trainee not registered to tske over from the senior lobbyist.