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As in the recent time, has just presented its TV ad which is about kindle to face its competitor which is providing the similar product (Electronista, 2010).Good customer service is fulfilling the promises that made to customers.Enable sales reps to see the financial impact of different product configurations before they set prices.

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Companies had spend lots of time and money in this stage which is aim to analyze and collect the information of their target customer.Following with the transformation of the times, using internet is more and more popular nowadays.From Wikiversity. marketing, customer service,. marketing, event management,.

Maximizer Software has been developing CRM software to help businesses better manage their customers,.After appeared, it has been bring up a huge threat to the traditional book retailers and some mega-chain bookstores.They believed that if they can satisfy their customers with those propositions, it can help them to add value in the future and to keep customer loyalty effectively.Since the business environment has become more global, competitive and complex.Also, there will be a summary of those key concepts of literature review and some suggestions made for the company or industry.Customer retention means holding on to customers in a marketing sense (E.They tried to bring out the commercial messages in the morning newspaper, on television, through phone calls, signs on the clothing and store, highway billboards and the sides of trucks.Let see how the integration of Internet and Marketing in the following part.

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Eyes provided customers with e-mail notification of new books by selected authors or on selected subjects based on their interest.In moral commitment, customers are feeling obligation and supposed to continue the relationship.They will also provide some complementary products or some enhanced one while customers are looking for something they want.Lesson 2 (10 hours) Customer Relationship: Customer Service Relationship Marketing Performance Standard: The learner shall be able to: Develop a program for customer.

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Although CRM got so many different definitions as above, the most suitable one must be in the following sentence.

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With OnContact, CRM and marketing automation come. marketing management, customer.

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Distribution channels can be direct, dual, or multi-channel (Frazier, 1999).This model is using the existing demographic data and usage history to predict the customer loss.

Furthermore, companies also should refer to the database to make some personalized promotion to customers.Within the internet marketing, price information is readily available online and the search engine can direct customers to a low-price retailer.It is focused on the print and outdoor advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, public relation and direct marketing.For the case study of customer relationship management, I would like to categories of products online, such as Books, Electronics, Movies, Games and etc.And there is another view of CRM, it is the utilization of customer related information or knowledge to deliver relevant products or services to customers (Levine, 2000).As said above, marketing channel is important to support and distribute products to customers.Research shows frontline managers can play a pivotal role in helping women ascend.As the competition is getting tougher day by day, it is very difficult to differentiate one offer from the other by manipulating only the 4Ps.

This is process that convincing a customer to stay with the company with their service or convincing them to rejoin once they left (J. Griffin, M.W. Lowenstein, 2001).By providing greater visibility into sales, marketing and customer service processes,.Gather market research on customers, in real time if necessary.These can help to attract some new prospecting customers to meet the customer acquisition stage and increase the loyalty to keep retention of customers.It is defined as a set of tactical marketing tools to produce response in the target markets (Simon Cooke, 1994).

For companies which are applying their whole business online is called Clicks-only Enterprises and both online and offline business is called Bricks-and-clicks Enterprises (M.L. Markus, P.CRM allows a company to identify all types of their customers and to choose the most suitable marketing program for them to willing to purchase their products and services.Personal commitment is made while someone who is satisfied and willing to continue the relationship with others.Furthermore, is the leading company in running online shops and it also is the one of twenty innovative companies (Nussbaum, 2005).

Customer Relationships - Marketing Resources. and explains how you can use data management to grow your valuable.CRM is creating requirements for large, integrated data and advanced analytical capabilities.A product can be a good, service, idea, place, person, information, entertainment, organization, or other item of value offered in trade for something of value from the buyer for cash, credit, or other acceptable exchange unit (Carolyn, 2006).Moreover, companies should offer some customized services or special assistance to urge the loyalty too.