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You can easily change the red back ground to whatever you feel like.These are basically newspaper templates provided by for.An extra pair of eyes can double check your facts and the information to ensure that what you have written is accurate.The first phase of writing a news article or editorial is pretty similar.News Sections. Entertainment. Science. you after some tips for writing a feature article for a class newspaper in your English class for high school.Science News online features daily news, blogs, feature stories, reviews and more in all disciplines of science, as well as Science News magazine archives back to 1924.

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If you are writing an opinion piece, this is where you will state what your opinion is as well.

The next important step to writing news articles is including all the relevant facts and details that relate to your lead statement.Also, read articles, watch the news, and review your topic before writing.Keep in mind that most standard printers can only print 8.5 inches by 11 inches.

The opening, or lead paragraph of a newspaper article answers six.I know this is not a paper template but it is a great magazine template and designed in photoshop.You can get emails when new results for a topic show up in Google Search.Yes, but think more about your audience, because it will differ from the real world.Kids love this newspaper template pack since its entirely made for children.Also the picture boxes are colored so you can easily see where your pictures go.

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Create a custom newspaper document in Word with help from a computer.Maybe you know someone who is an expert that you can interview.Congratulate your readers for sticking with you to the end by giving the reader something to take away, like potential solutions to the problem or challenges expressed in your article.Create and Manage News Articles Create News Article Edit Article Content Archive Tab Manage New Listing Module Create News.You can also write a less formal letter to the editor to comment on social issues regarding mobile phones.No complicated techniques to master, just easy document editing.Create an attractive article in Microsoft Word 2010 - Duration: 10:07. How to write a newspaper article using Word. - Duration: 1:58.Get a friend to proofread your article, as some bits may only make sense to you.

Put the best information at the top to engage your readers and encourage them to keep reading.

All the text is in separate text boxes and you can simply put your mouse in each text box and make the changes you need to.If you have an opinion, this is where you will identify the opposing views and the people who hold them.

Browse to a digital logo for the newspaper and double-click it, then drag it into place on the left or right side of the masthead.Also you can right click on the boxes and change the background color along with changing the boarder color to a lighter gray or remove completely.Each text and article section is in its own box and all you need.

Ten terrific classroom activities that use the newspaper to teach all sorts of valuable skills -- including reading and writing for meaning, map reading, media.EasyBib helps you create a bibliography or works cited in MLA7 format to properly credit your sources.Day 1: Writing a News Report Fill in all the elements of the news report based on the previous article: Element Definition From the Article.

I am preparing for an exam and it is my first time I read this.

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When writing a news article, interviewing people and getting a first hand source on your topic can be invaluable.

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Google Templates for Student Projects To see. free newspaper publishing template I could find that allows students to insert their own images.When writing a news article you should focus on giving your readers what they want as soon as possible.